Improving the quality of life for children in East Africa

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Empowering individuals, families, and villages through community-based, sustainable initiatives


Our Mission

Humanity for Children is committed to improving the quality of life for children in remote areas of East Africa through community-based, sustainable initiatives that empower individuals and positively affect health, education, safety, and economic conditions.

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Get Involved

Our projects cannot be carried out without the services of our dedicated volunteers. Maybe you want to join us in our mission to enhance the quality of life for children in East Africa. Our organization is, by design, dependent upon a large number of volunteers.

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Our Projects

Humanity for Children has adopted a holistic approach to village “health”- We understand that many factors combine to affect the health of children. Thus, in addition to focusing on medical care,  our projects and programs improve overall individual, family and village “health” by also focusing on non-medical initiatives.

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Donate Today

Humanity for Children offers the opportunity for each of us to improve the health, the education, the safety, and the economic opportunity of individuals, families, and entire villages in remote areas of East Africa. We hope you share our vision and will help us support our mission.

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Why support us?

94% goes to Africa

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"Over four years ago, I traveled 8,000 miles to a remote area of Rwanda called Kibungo. During my stay there, I met hundreds of inspiring, hard working, faithful, and gracious Rwandans. I also witnessed firsthand how entire villages of people were suffering due to lack of access to proper healthcare, education, and economic initiatives. In the four years following my trip, Humanity for Children has seen the successful construction of a satellite health post that serves over 500 people each week. HFC has also expanded to include microfinance programs, through which individuals and families gain economic health and stability. What one group of people started during a summer trip 8,000 miles away from home, now hundreds have taken part in. That’s what’s most inspiring —- seeing hundreds of diverse people joining together to create one lasting change. Truly, there can be no greater purpose in life than to be able to say “I helped change a life.” Because I am involved in Humanity for Children, I help change lives. I hope that you will choose to do the same."

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Humanity for Children Volunteer