Blankets Made With Love

Humanity for Children thanks the mid-Missouri women who have created over 350 warming blankets over the past two months. 

Under the leadership of Brenda Rose, and with lots of help from Karen Luther and Mary Osburn, two "Blanket Blitzes" brought many women together to cut, iron, and hem these blankets for HFC's safe-birthing-kits. 

The blankets will be used by Maasai traditional birth attendants in Tanzania to wrap the baby shortly after the delivery.  These blankets will accompany ten other items in HFC's safe-birthing-kits, including: a plastic tarp to lay over the dirt inside the hut, a clean razor blade to cut the umbilical cord, two obstetric ties for the cord, erythromycin ointment for the baby's eyes, a plastic tub and soap for washing, alcohol prep pads, a washcloth, a towel, and, for the midwives, latex gloves and plastic gowns.  Research has demonstrated that improving the hygienic conditions during births by using safe-birthing-kits can significantly reduce the incidence of infection. 

On behalf of all the mothers and babies that you are helping, HFC says Thank You!

blanket makers 8.JPG
blanket makers 3.JPG