Improving the quality of life of Children in East Africa


We rely on both small and large fundraising initiatives.  Maybe you can organize an event at your local school, on your college campus,

with your church, or maybe for your entire community.  Every dollar counts!


Westminster College student Sandra Nivyabandi, who is from Burundi and Rwanda,
demonstrates using one of the solar lamps to be sent to primary students in Rwanda.

Fundraising for the Bright Light Campaign 


The Bright Light Campaign is a program in collaboration with Gashanda and Gahurire Primary Schools in rural Rwanda. The campaign will distribute solar lamps to sixth graders in these schools and build libraries to promote reading and learning to better prepare students for secondary school. 

Studying at night is a luxury for students living in rural areas without electricity. Their other options for light at night are candles and kerosene lamps which are often too costly and emit harmful fumes. The Bright Light Campaign provides solar lamps to students in the primary sixth grade level to enable them to study at night and help them to prepare for the national exams that determine their acceptance to secondary school. 

We are committed to provide 100 solar lamps annually for each school. With a 5-year commitment to the campaign, we will have enough time to study the effects that the lights have on study time, the number of books read, and admission rates of those seeking secondary education. The cost of each lamp is $11. You can make a donation towards the Bright Light Campaign here.