Improving the quality of life of Children in East Africa


Pediatrics is strongly involved in children's education in all parts of the world and we believe that education is the basis for a lasting impact in the villages of the developing world. Without the ability to obtain education beyond grammar school, children find it difficult or impossible to find productive work and are destined to a life of poverty. The children and families in these villages realize the importance of education and are desperate for help in obtaining it. With a high school, college, or university diploma, these children are able to provide for themselves and their families, help the villages grow, and enable future generations to be prosperous. However, many of the children living in rural villages in East Africa do not even make it through primary or secondary school. The education programs run by Humanity for Children seek to help children to obtain primary and secondary school education by sponsoring teachers, providing solar lamps through the Bright Light Campaign and paying for the education of young girls.


The Bright Light Campaign

Education is crucial for children living in poverty to provide for themselves, their families and their villages. The Bright Light Campaign brings solar lamps to middle-school children in two remote villages in Rwanda, Gashanda and Gahurire. Humanity for Children will distribute solar lamps to the Primary-6 students in these two villages and build libraries that contain books in their tribal language (Kinyarwanda) and English. With a 5-year commitment to the campaign, we will have enough time to study the effects that the lights have on study time, the number of books read, and admission rates of those seeking secondary education. The children receiving these lamps will be able to study after dark and will have better tools to obtain a brighter future.