Improving the quality of life of Children in East Africa

Current Projects

Humanity for Children has adopted a holistic approach to village "health"- We understand that many factors combine to affect the health of children. Thus our projects and programs improve overall individual, family and village "health" by focusing on non-medical initiatives such us nutrition, clean water, economic opportunity, access to education, and living in a safe place. 


We work closely with villages and small communities in remote areas of East Africa to establish health facilities.

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Micro-loans from Humanity for Children empower aspiring entrepreneurs to create small profitable businesses within their community. 

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The education programs run by Humanity for Children seek to help children to stop the vicious cycle of poverty.

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Our Church-to-Church partnerships provide opportunities for churches to build new relationships and encourage spiritual exchange.

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Our School-to-School partnerships allow students to gain new knowledge in an interactive way and engage in cultural exchange.

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