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Traditional Birth Attendant Training in Loiborsiret

Traditional Birth Attendant Training in Loiborsiret





Today the females on the team trained a group of 34 traditional birth attendants (TBAs) led by Dr. Michelle. We gathered in the waiting area of the clinic and set up a makeshift classroom. Saskia graciously role played the birthing mother, while Dr. Misty acted out the delivery with Amanda as her assistant. Kathryn captured the training in photos while Bob, Toto, and Daniel kept the men occupied in a separate location

The training went better than predicted! The TBAs desired knowledge and were full of good questions. The training included instructions on how to use all the pieces contained in the safe birthing kits as well as advice on how to approach difficult situations such as breech positioning and retained placenta. Throughout the entire training it was reiterated that we were all a team–Humanity for Children, the TBAs, and the Clinic–working together to keep mothers safe and have healthy babies!

After the training all of the TBAs were tested for HIV, then filed through a line as we filled their safe birthing kits with supplies. After all of the kits were assembled, the TBAs presented our entire team with gifts! The dressed us in traditional women Maasai clothing and presented Bob with gifts, as well!

In the evening a local medicine man joined us. He brought with him a sample of his medicines and taught us about them. His medicines were made from roots, some dried and crushed, while others were just cut into small pieces. His medicines were taken for a wide variety of ailments from joint and back pain to pneumonia.

Our team headed to bed with hopes of a good night sleep because we will have an early start in the morning! We will be driving to Kimotorok to train TBAs with the clinic staff there and to visit Toto’s home!

–Misty Todd, HFC Volunteer




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